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Welcome to Obokese Foundation

Greetings and welcome to the Obokese Foundation’s official website. I am Nana Obokese Ampah, Apagyahen of Asebu Traditional area of Central Region, Ghana. I also serve as Chief Executive Officer for the Year of Return Legacy Project; The Asebu Pan African Village Project and board chair of the African Union Art Festival Foundation.

Nana Obokese Ampah I
CEO: Obokese Foundation
Message from the Executive Director

With so much of the world beset by crises, disasters, and poverty, what can we do to improve stability and prosperity in our communities. And in emerging communities that are experiencing such rapid change, what investments can we make to ensure that these communities continue to grow and integrate into the system?These are vital questions that NGOs, policy makers, and businesses across the world ask daily. But Obokese know the answer: investing in people.Investing in human capital is an investment that returns huge dividends. By improving the capacity of people to grow, educate, and produce for themselves, the foundations for long-term peace and prosperity can be laid and poverty averted or mitigated.If we all do our little best in, the greater good will be achieved.

Ibrahim Kwame Baidoo
Executive Director
Obokese Foundation

Obokese Foundation

Mission & Responsibilities

In the context of the Obokese Foundation, the concept of ‘Aso Dzi’ forms the foundation for the programmatic goals, objectives and initiatives incorporated that will flow from what Nana Nketsia characterizes as the Doctrine(s) of Africanity

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