Aso Dzi’
(obligations, duties, responsibilities)


In his 868 page treatise, entitled African Culture in Governance and Development: The Ghana Paradigm, Nana Kobina Nketsia V provided a masterfully detailed account of Ghana’s fall and surrender to colonialism, her subjugation under its prolonged reign, the continuing effect of its neo-colonial persistence and the necessity, rationale and benefit of its African-Centered resurrection.

In the context of the Obokese Foundation, the concept of ‘Aso Dzi’ forms the foundation for the programmatic goals, objectives and initiatives incorporated that will flow from what Nana Nketsia characterizes as the Doctrine(s) of Africanity as follows:

“Any doctrine of Africanity must express respect and dignity of humanity; self-determination; the unity of man and his environment; a consciousness of the collective self; co-operative economics and work; participatory governance; a consciousness of the African as the image of “god”; a consciousness of the essence of divinity in nature and all creation. The foundation for all these doctrines of Africanity is the principle of ‘asodzi’ which is a compound of human responsibility, ingrained self-abnegation, duty, purpose and obligation to humanity and the world.” Nana Kobina Nketsia V, pg. 819

It is in the spirit and application of ‘aso-dzi’ that the Obokese Foundation will conceptualize, plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate all of its individual and community development initiatives, interventions and programs under the principle umbrella of The Obokese University of Excellence. The university’s key areas of concentration will include:

  • Chieftaincy Development/Diaspora Integration-Collaboration
  • Ma’at: Personal, Interpersonal and Community
  • Youth Development and Training
  • Educational Transformation
  • Supporting Rural Communities