Sharing, Learning and Growing Experiences at Asebu

Odomankoma Palace

Seat of Traditional Governance, Development and Management

Obokesedo (The Obokese) Sacred Stone.

Have fingerprints and other engravings/marks of the actual founder of the Asebu State ” Asebu Amanfi” Has spiritual healing powers.

Fumfum mpow

Statues similar to the biblical Lot Story.  It is believed that Asebu Amanfi and his people emerged from the Moree Shore of Asebu. He had instructed the people prior that no one should turn back. Those who did got stuck. And can be seen by way of rocky statues at the shore of Moree.

Guided Tour of Moree

A coastal Asebu town known to have first crafted the art of fishing. Widely reputed in West Africa for Artisanal Fishing.

Guided tour of Ananae Forest at Asebu Ekroful

Tour of a dense forest where Asebu Amanfi traveled and never returned.

Tour of Asebu Pan African Village

5000 acre land dedicated to the African Diaspora community. A year of Return Legacy Project.

Visit site of Obokese University of Excellence at Asebu Mframandwe 

An Educational Institution dedicated to Chieftaincy Leadership and Community Development

Visit site of Asebu-Cleveland Juice Factory

A Collaborative Demonstration Project in partnership with the Diaspora African Community to employ, build, and operate a processing facility for the growth, processing, sale-distribution of orange and other juices.

Arts and Cultural Introductions and Orientations

Ghanaian Drum/Dance Presentations, Workshops, Lessons and other            cultural experiences, including Asebu Bamboo Orchestra, at Asebu Ebu.

Cultural Festivals, Protocols, Rituals, Ceremonies and

Spiritual Beliefs and Practices

Abangye – Moree second week August. Apayamkese – The Festival of the Asebu People Third week November. All of the Asebu towns and villages.

Naming Ceremony, rites of passage and other traditional rituals